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Agenda Cultural @ FIX University / BerkeleyX: CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence

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Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University
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This syllabus is subject to change. In particular, dates for unreleased materials are only estimates and are likely to change slightly.

19/24 - 9/30Introduction to AIsmall
  • Overview
  • Agents: Perception, Decisions, and Actuation

210/1 - 10/7Search and Planningsmall
videosHW1: Search10/7P1: Search10/14
  • Uninformed Search (Depth-First, Breadth-First, Uniform-Cost)
  • Informed Search (A*, Greedy Search)
  • Heuristics and Optimality

310/8 - 10/14Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsHW2: CSPs10/14
  • Backtracking Search
  • Constraint Propagation (Forward Checking, Arc Consistency)
  • Exploiting Graph Structure

410/15 - 10/21Game Trees and Decision TheoryHW3: Games10/21P2: Games10/28
  • Game Trees and Tree-Structured Computation
    • Minimax, Expectimax, Combinations
    • Evaluation Functions and Approximations
    • Alpha-Beta Pruning
  • Decision Theory
    • Preferences, Rationality, and Utilities
    • Maximum Expected Utility

510/22 - 10/28Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)HW4: MDPs10/28
  • Policies, Rewards, and Values
  • Value Iteration
  • Policy Iteration

610/29 - 11/4Reinforcement Learning (RL)HW5: RL11/4P3: RL11/11
  • TD/Q Learning
  • Exploration
  • Approximation

711/5 - 11/11Conclusion and Wrap-UpPractice Final11/11

811/12 - 11/18No Lecture, Final Exam WeekFinal11/18


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