Friday, August 5, 2011

Animation webby awards @ FIX University

    Fernando IX University

    Webby Awards 2008 Animated Alphabet

    vimeo.com32 s - 15 Ago 2008
    This custom Animated Alphabet was made for the 2008 Webby Awards in New York. Custom animations were made for each ...

  1. Webby Awards - Animation Category

    vimeo.com16 s - 14 Sep 2009
    This was one of the category intros I did for the 2008 Webby awards. Short and sweet. I collaborated with Wil Frohn. Produced at ...

  2. Video Game Dudes: The Animated Series

    youtube.com4 min - 29 Ene 2008 - Subido por CoconutBuyer
    The webby award winning web comic about two slackers who play video games (No, it's not Penny Arcade) is now a cartoon ...

  3. Webby Awards-Animation Category

    vimeo.com30 Sep 2009
    Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. Use Vimeo if you want ...

  4. Webby Awards

    vimeo.com15 s - 5 Jul 2009
    Title: Travel Category ID Production: Digital Kitchen My Role: Director, Motion Designer, Animator For the 2008 Webby Awards ...

  5. 2005 Webby Awards In-Show Animation Reel

    youtube.com2 min - 27 Ene 2008 - Subido por AudioCatharsis
    A short reel of the in-show animations for the 2005 Webby Awards ceremony.

  6. The Immigration Debate: SuperNews!

    youtube.com5 min - 3 May 2006 - Subido por Current
    limitations to their rights in America... SUPERNEWS NOMINATED FOR WEBBY AWARDS!! SuperNews was nominated in two ...

  7. Gates vs. Jobs: SuperNews!

    youtube.com5 min - 13 Feb 2007 - Subido por Current
    vista Supernews Super News current tv funny comedy cartoon animation parody satire politics political josh faure-brac iphone ...

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