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Tsunami 2011: Three Theories in Japan Quake Causes

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    Tsunami 2011: Three Theories in Japan Quake Causes

    The first theory is the cause of earthquakes, nuclear missile test conducted by the state on the Korean peninsula. Nuclear warheads that hit the ocean can certainly cause an earthquake and resulting tsunami.

    A Conspiracy Theory mentions North Korea’s Taepodong missiles can not reach the west coast of the United States, but if the time of the test, the missile could have on Hawaii.

    Some Japanese analysts have cast the statement that North Korea plans to use nuclear missiles is to eliminate 17% of GDP the United States only in an instant, not by direct attack but by the attack on Hawaii which can cause landslides big enough to make radioactive Tsunami.

    Tsunami attack offers several advantages for North Korean scientists. First, the location of Hawaii is closer to North Korea to obtain missile technology so that adequate, rather than have to reach Silicon Vally

    Missiles that travel long distances it will take more fuel consumption and will certainly make the missile becomes greater.

    Conspiracy theory is quite acceptable for by strength of 12 megatons course, the nuclear bomb is enough to make the tsunami attack. The question is, What if the trials were directed to the Pacific and potentially create a tsunami in Hawaii? whether the United States would quietly alone?

    Superpower that has a Ground Based Interceptor (GBI), a missile monitoring center based in Vandenberg AFB, California. If there is a threat to his country, the GBI will beat before reaching the target.

    North Korea might conduct a nuclear test secretly. Nuclear missiles failed to reach the target, destroyed the middle road and cause an earthquake that caused tsunami. This conspiracy theory has not been proven, as this is the realm of intelligence.

    The second analysis uses the theory of plate tectonics. The theory of plate tectonics emerged since the 1960s, and until now this theory has successfully explained various geological events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruption, also about how the formation of mountains, continents, and oceans.

    The earthquake that followed the tsunami in Japan is due to collision of tectonic plates called subduction. This collision occurred between oceanic plate with continental crust.

    Subduction in Japan occurred due penghunjaman Pacific plate beneath the state. This theory is acceptable because the position of Japan is very prone to earthquakes.

    The third analysis, using the theory of the Moon Pull Style. This theory tries to associate with supermoon phenomenon that will occur on March 19, 2011. Supermoon phenomenon is the position of the moon which is close to the earth.

    Adherents of this theory believe that Supermoon or Lunar Prugee can cause “Moonageddon” Richard Nolle, an astronomer at the United States (U.S.), as reported by ABC Radio said the fact that the center faced is Supermoon “was traveling” closer to earth. If more in-depth views Supermoon have historical linkages with catastrophic winds, high waves, and earthquakes.

    History disasters ever recorded on Earth occurred during the lunar perigee phenomena, for example, hurricanes in New England, 1938, flooding in the Hunter Valley in 1955, Disaster Cyclone Tracy in 1974, and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 are also believed to related phenomenon SuperMoon.

    However, again the followers of Theory Moonageddon again refuted by scientists. as reported by The Telegraph, scientists have no evidence that states Supermoon can trigger natural disasters. Even if the presence of Supermoon give effect to the earth, it’s just a higher tide or low tide is lower than normal.

    So, any theory that comes closest to what happens in Japan?

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